Manager's Message

Dear Aspirants,
Charles Darwin has rightly remarked, "It is not the strongest that survive, neither it is the most intelligent, but those responsive to change." Greenland Convent School  has a unique culture that inculcates strong values in its students and yet making them adaptable to change.
Our mission is to improve the quality of life in this region by improving the capabilities of human resources available and the impact of theory, practice and performance. The School strives to earn its reputation through its innovative teaching methodology and quality of its pragmatic programes. In this era of unprecedented competition, one can't afford to luxuriate in rosy dreams. Today a career has to be carefully crafted by calibre combined with diligence, by inspiration blended with perspiration. We promise to lead you towards desired destinations.

Greenland Convent School  is a place where growth is a way of life. It is our tradition to excel. Every effort shall be made to keep this tradition alive.

Narendra Kumar Bindal