Greenland Convent School believes in providing the most beneficial learning environment possible. We accomplish this by taking the best aspect of modern and traditional methods of education. The school's mission is to educate its students in a nurturing environment to their highest level of achievement, to produce autonomous citizens with a lifelong respect for learning and democratic values and to teach students to be sensitive to others and to have respect for human diversity. An education which aims at the flowering of the child's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual personality. It is the progressive widening of consciousness which helps the child to manifest that within him, which is uniquely his, leading to an increasing satisfaction and success in individual living as also collective living, socially, nationally and internationally. Our endeavour is to impart education which looks beyond the frontiers of formal education. It is, in fact, a preparation for life long learning..

Greenland Convent School is an institution conceived to impart the best in education coupled with development of values and personality traits that breed achievers. Our pedagogy, curriculum and infrastructure are carefully designed to develop thinking skills, such as logic, reasoning and creativity in all our children, while they retain the simple joy of coming to school every day. We believe in education that exceeds beyond the walls of the classroom. Children are provided with opportunities to explore and express their ideas and feelings through visual arts, drama, dance, music, sports and experimentation as they interact with a variety of materials. They participate in individual as well as group activities. In this process the child is not only kept active but also involved. Thus the school provides a very supportive environment that is most conducive for a child’s holistic development.